Peter Vermeulen, PhD

18. okt. 2018

Autisme og forhold: afklaring af udfordringerne

Peter Vermeulen, PhD

Konsulent hos Autisme Centraal



Engaging in relationships, especially intimate relationships, is a tough challenge for people with an autism spectrum disorder. Many of the relational skills and knowledge that neurotypical people seem to develop effortlessly and spontaneously are clogged by the way an autistic brain understands the world. In keynote on ASD and relationships, we explore the challenges people with ASD are facing when building relationships. We will describe how many of these challenges are linked to the specific way of information processing in the autistic brain, which we call context blindness.
Topics that will be covered are:

  • Success in relationships: more than a matter of social skills and Theory of Mind!
  • Relationships: the ultimate case of an open system and, hence, a mystery and a challenge for brains that are context blind.
  • Relational competence: not a matter of knowing how to react, but a case of making good guesses. The virtue of context sensitive guessing.